732 Steps | 135 meters | 100 % fun!
Welcome to Germany's Biggest Tower Run!

It’s just you and the stairs – and the best thing about it is the climb up. Does that mean it’s all about the journey? Well, not quite. Because once you make it to the top, you earned some serious bragging rights.

The KölnTurm Treppenlauf is open to everyone, and our volunteers will be making plenty of noise as they cheer you on all the way to the top!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned competitor, an athlete or firefighter – we’ve got you covered! The Treppenlauf strikes the perfect balance: tough enough for elite athletes, do-able enough for the rest of us.



Competitors tackle the tower on their own, against the clock. Conquering the tower is about more than climbing the 732 steps – getting to the top takes huge reserves of mental strength too.



Entrants face the challenge of the tower in teams of two. Only teams prepared to work together and push each other on will succeed!



The mother of all challenges, and a real sporting highlight for any firefighter. Climb the tower together in pairs – and in full kit, of course!


Sunday, 25 August 2024

Start & Finish

KölnTurm, Im MediaPark 8, 50670 Köln


The aim of the TOWERRUN is to conquer the 732 steps from the ground floor to the 40th floor. Once you’ve recovered, the lift will take you back down to the ground – where you can celebrate your achievement!

You can take on the tower on your own or in teams. Firefighter teams can compete in their own dedicated categories. Competitors must climb the tower in full protective gear, with or without connecting their breathing apparatus. By the way, the firefighters category is also open to anyone else who has to wear breathing apparatus in their job.

Whatever category you choose, entrants start their climbs one at a time at set intervals, so you’ll have time and space to enjoy your run!

Individual Run

  • Competitors will start in a set order at 20-second intervals
  • Open to all runners
  • Incorporates the elite races (if you are entering the elite event, please say so on your registration form)

Team Run

  • Open to all runners
  • Teams of two will start at 30-second intervals. Both runners must start and finish together (the distance between them at the finish must not exceed one flight of steps)

Firefighters Run with self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

  • Warning: Suitable for only the fittest firefighters
  • Teams of two will start at 45-second intervals. Both runners must start and finish together (the distance between them at the finish must not exceed one flight of steps).
  • Competitors must wear full protective clothing and connected self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • You can find more information about the firefighter categories here.

Firefighters Run without Breathing Apparatus

  • For firefighters who like a challenge
  • Teams of two will start at 40-second intervals. Both runners must start and finish together (the distance between them at the finish must not exceed one flight of steps).
  • Competitors must wear full protective clothing and carry their self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), but it does not have to be connected
  • You can find more information about the fire brigade categories here.

From Beginners to Elite Athletes

The event is open to runners at all levels, from complete beginners to elite athletes, so there’s is no shame in being overtaken by faster runners or teams. Please let faster runners past on the inside so they lose as little time as possible.

The Elite Run

There are elite categories for the individual and firefighters with breathing apparatus categories. These races are open to everyone, from reigning European Champions to local heroes. If you think you’re a contender for outright victory (no time-wasters, please!) please let us know when you register. The elite athletes will start in their own block, at longer intervals than other runners.

A maximum of 20 starting slots are available in the elite block. If we receive more than 20 applications, the available places will be allocated by the organisers in consultation with Towerrunning Germany. The starting order will be set by the organiser in consultation with Towerrunning Germany.

No entrant has any automatic entitlement to ‘elite’ status.

German Championchips

The KölnTurm Treppenlauf will be combined with the German Tower-Running Championships (individual category only).

The championships are open to any stair-runner with German citizenship. All eligible runners in the individual race will automatically be classified in the German Championships, too.

Towerrunning Tour 80 | Towerrunning Cup

Logo of a towerrunning trial 60 raceLogo of the towerrunning cup

We are proud to be part of the international tower-running community. As part of the Towerrunning Tour, 80 points will be awarded for the Towerrunning World Association overall standings. Of course, as the event is also part of the part of the German Towerrunning Cup, points will be awarded for that championship too.

Your Entry Package Includes

  • 732 steps over 135 meters
  • Finisher medal
  • Free copy of LÄUFT. running magazine
  • Plentiful refreshments at the finish
  • Online certificate service, including your personal finishing time
  • Transponder-based timing to the nearest second
  • Free cloakroom
  • Free changing rooms
  • Medical care
  • Podium ceremony for all categories
  • Regular newsletter


You can find the current schedule here. We reserve the right to make changes at short notice for organisational reasons.

  • 10:00 am : First entry documentation issued in the Organisers’ Tent
  • 10:00 am : Cloakroom opens
  • 11:00 am : Individual runners start
  • 12:10 pm : Individual elite runners start
  • 12:30 pm : Teams start
  • 1:00 pm : Firefighters with connected self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) start
  • 1:30 pm : Podium ceremony individual runners and teams
  • 4:15 pm : Firefighter elite runners with connected self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) start
  • 4:30 pm : Firefighters without connected self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) start
  • 1:30 pm : Podium ceremony firefighters with SCBAs
  • 5:15 pm : Cloakroom closes
  • 5:45 pm : Podium ceremonies firefighters without SCBA

To make sure you don’t have to wait too long before starting your run, we will divide the starters in each category into smaller blocks to give you a better idea of your exact start time.

Entry Fees

  • Individual runners: 33 euros
  • Team run: 66 euros per team
  • Firefighters teams: 33 euros


Your time will be measured using a transponder attached to the back of your start number. Please take care not to damage the transponder (e.g. by bending it, piercing it with a safety pin, etc.) – otherwise you will have to run the tower again!

Please note: Only the captain of each team will be issued with a transponder. Teams are responsible for making sure that the team captain crosses the finish line second, and no more than one flight of stairs behind their partner.

Podium Ceremonies & Awards

Fame and glory await the top three in the following categories:

  • Men’s/women’s individual
  • Men’s/women’s/mixed teams
  • Men’s/women’s/mixed firefighters with breathing apparatus
  • Men’s/women’s/mixed firefighters without breathing apparatus

Prizes will be awarded if there are more than three finishers in the respective category.

Please note that all prizes must be collected in person at the podium ceremonies; they will not be forwarded.

Results & Certificates

You will be able to see your time on our monitor as soon as you cross the finish line, and it will also be shown live on the Internet. Your certificate will be available immediately after the race; you can view, save and print it here.

„Conqueror of the Cologne Tower“-Shirt

The official t-shirt is almost legendary for its bragging rights. Order one during registration and show others what you are made off!

The shirt comes in a sporty slim-fit design and is Oeko-Tex certified, as well as being breathable. As it’s made from 100% recycled polyester, it combines sporty style with sustainability too.

T-shirts will be issued with your entry documents.


Design of 2023 – new design in progress


NEW: Finisher medal for all participants! Remember the glory that comes with conquering the tower!

KölnTurm Treppenlauf Medaille
Design of 2023 – new design in progress


Until the maximum number of entries has been reached, you will find details of all the different ways to register here.

There will be no deadline for registrations, but there will be a late fee of 5 EUR for individuals and 8 EUR for teams, starting from 12 August 2024.


Entry fees will not be refunded if an entrant withdraws ahead of the event or fails to run for any reason, even if a medical certificate is provided.

Your entry is non-transferable.

Participant Information

We will send you final information about what to expect on the day, how to pick up your entry documentation and everything else you need to know by e-mail in the week before the event.

Issue of Entry Documentation

You will receive your entry documentation on the day of the event from the Organisers’ Office.

Luggage & Clothes Storage

You can leave your bag in our cloakroom free of charge.

Changing Rooms, Toilets & Showers

The changing rooms are right next to the Organisers’ Office.

Toilets are also available in the event area.

Unfortunately we cannot provide showers.

Getting Here and Parking

Address: Cologne Tower, Im MediaPark 8, 50670 Cologne, Germany

Directions for sat-nav systems: Enter ‘Im MediaPark 8’ as your destination. Once there, follow the signs to find a parking space.


Fancy a photo to remind you of your heroic exploits? Our photographers will be on-site all day, working tirelessly on your behalf. So please remember to smile! You can find the photos on the snapshot page.

Event Organizer


Oskar-Jäger-Str. 173, 50825 Cologne, Germany

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the race, or would like more information or extra tips, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find all our contact details here.

Firefighters Categories

Only active firefighters and personnel trained to use self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) – National Fire Service, Volunteer Firefighters, Works Firefighters, Federal Agency for Technical Relief – are eligible to compete in the firefighters category.

All entrants in the firefighters category must be fully fit for active service in the fire brigade or similar.

In addition, entrants in the firefighters with breathing apparatus category must present valid G26.3 (or comparable) certification.


Runners in firefighters teams must wear protective firefighting equipment as specified by HuPF* (DIN EN 469) or equivalent, consisting of an outer jacket, over-trousers, protective gloves (DIN EN 659), fire brigade-issue protective boots (DIN EN 345-2 / S3) and fire helmet. Equipment must meet current standards and/or comparable national standards for countries other than Germany (e.g. US NFPA). Fully-functional self contained breathing apparatus must be carried as extra weight, even if it is not connected. Runners in the pairs run with breathing apparatus must also wear a breathing apparatus connection (mask) and connect the regulator immediately before starting their run.

*HuPF = Herstellungs- und Prüfbeschreibung für eine universelle Feuerwehr-Schutzbekleidung (Manufacturing and Inspection Specification for Universal Fire Service Protection Equipment)

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

All participants in the firefighter runs are responsible for ensuring that their breathing apparatus and connection (mask) are fully functional and safe for use. There are no restrictions on the type of equipment (normal pressure/ overpressure) and materials (steel/CFC) that can be used.

If a team in the connected breathing apparatus category run out of air before they reach the finish, they will be re-classified in the fire brigade without breathing apparatus category. Teams that have been re-classified will not be eligible to participate in the podium ceremony.

Entrants will be disqualified for:

  • tampering with protective equipment or clothing;
  • gross unsportsmanlike conduct
  • failing to comply with instructions issued by the organisers or their assistants.



Fancy seeing the Towerrun from the inside? Be part of our team and help us to organise a great event for runners and spectators alike. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


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Your time will be posted here as soon as you finish the run. After the run you can view, save, share and print your certificate here.


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